Muskoka The Beautiful

March 15, 2017

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Muskoka – the level of its natural beauty can only be matched by its people.

I was brought up playing music with my family, throughout a number of Muskoka resorts and settings, and I couldn’t be happier, carrying on this tradition.


For a full list of appearances, check out my Live Dates  link on this site.

I hope to have the pleasure to be singing for you on one of these Muskoka nights!


Grady Kelneck - Take My HandThurs, May 29th

The Cameron House (back room)

8pm doors, 9pm show

Grady Kelneck w/ Raven Shields

Please join me for the release of my album, Take My Hand – a lot of love, support, and hard work went into creating this album and I’m excited to share it with you over one magical night.  I’ll be joined by an amazing band of players and friends – Aaron Comeau, Pat Phillips, Kevin Neal + guests.

For a preview of the new album, visit:

Thank you to Folk Words’ Tom Franks and The Spill Magazine’s Andre Skinner – glad you like what you hear:

Raven Shields will be opening the night and needs no introduction.   Her voice stunning, lyrics wise, and music divine.  It’s such an honour to have her on the bill:

Thank you to the lovely team of people who made this album a reality:

  • To all of you who supported the fundraising campaign – THANK YOU!
  • Aaron Comeau took the bull by horns with this project and made it what it is.  Aaron produced the album, played a large assortment of instruments, provided additional engineering, and mixed the album
  • Pat Phillips played drums and percussion
  • Alastair Whitehead played upright bass
  • Tim Bovaconti played resonator guitar and provided additional engineering
  • Kevin Neal played pedal steel
  • Ivy Mairi sang background vocals
  • Raven Shields designed the album, and sang background vocals
  • Courtney Morandin, Keely Morandin, Casey Kelneck, and Aaron Comeau sang background vocals on ‘Your Darkest Hour’
  • John Dinsmore engineered the album at his Lincoln County Social Club
  • Reuben Ghose of Mojito Mastering mastered the album
  • Staci Patten of Accurate Audio manufactured the album
  • Emma-Lee of did the cover photo
  • Caitlin Hill edited the inside photo
  • Pat Nielsen did the cd photo
  • Steve Eaton and Jack Senett provided priceless direction


All of Your Stories

April 13, 2014

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Jesse Winchester

There are a limited number of times I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard a certain musician or band.

Jesse Winchester was one of these experiences – at a friend’s cottage, flipping through records, and being jolted by the deadpan fix of a bearded soul whose stare could give Clint Eastwood a run for his money.  And a second jolt of satisfaction as the needle touched vinyl, bringing about a rollicking number called ‘Payday’.

Thank you for all the beautiful songs and great memories, Jesse.

You were a soft-spoken, southern gentleman.  A brilliant songwriter with too many great songs to mention – songs that were well-crafted vessels, that could make you laugh and cry all in the same song – the perfect blend of wit and beauty.  You were an entertaining and eloquent storyteller, and your light-hearted chuckle could light up a room.  Your hand gestures and facial expressions that often would accompany a song’s finale would say ‘and that’s the way the song goes, my friends’.


One of the greatest pleasures of my life was spending an afternoon with legendary photographer Elliott Landy in Woodstock, NY in July, 2005.

Elliott Landy is the man behind some of the most important, recognizable, and magnetizing images in music history – The Band, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and the list goes on and on.

Some of his best work was shot in and around the little town of Woodstock, NY in the late 1960s, with the absolute beauty of the Catskill landscapes serving as backdrop.  Elliott’s ability to capture his subjects in such a relaxed and natural state, with very limited ‘staging’, is part of what makes his work so captivating.

At a time when The Band’s (yet to be labelled as such) and their friend and leader, world-worn Bob Dylan’s sudden reclusiveness unleashed a severe hunger in the vast public to gain even a glimpse into their great mystery, Elliott’s inside eye would soon speak volumes.  A tidal wave of anticipation came crashing down as Music From Big Pink was released, with an image of five mysterious mountain men gracing its inner jacket.  Musicians’ jaws dropped.  One of the most significant and prolific times in music history was marked. 

The majority of Elliott’s work with The Band has never been released, but recently Elliott has decided he will be making a new book with a selection of his best never-seen-before images.

Check out how you can support this great effort, and share the rewards:


This is a great day for fans of The Band and music in general – thank you Elliott!


My Music Lives in a Tiny House

December 14, 2013

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Tiny house living is fast becoming a very coherent and rewarding lifestyle, and with great reason.

Check out Tiny House Giant Journey, – Jenna and Guillaume document, with great detail, their building of and exciting new journey with their tiny house.

I’m honoured to have my music be part of this project – check out a sample here, from my upcoming release, ‘Take My Hand’

Flip convention on its head and realize the freedom and fun times that you’re able to achieve.

Thank you Jenna and Guillaume – glad to be involved in the journey and look forward to experiencing the progression!


Oh, Jesse

April 6, 2013

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Thanks to my wonderful friend, Amy Mangan, I will be opening for one of my all-time favourites,
Jesse Winchester, Saturday, April 6 at Hugh’s Room.
Jesse Winchester is one of North America’s finest songwriters ever, his songs beaming with charm and wit.  His music is laced with the rich, musical heritage of his Louisiana homeland, but his most celebrated work came from his time in Montreal.  Befriending The Band in the late ‘60s led to his first album being produced by Robbie Robertson, as well as musical accompaniment by The Band.  This was only the start to his outstanding career, which is going stronger than ever.
If you haven’t yet granted yourself the pleasure of experiencing Jesse Winchester at one of his annual springtime stops at Hugh’s Room, you really owe it to yourself.
Hugh’s Room is one heck of great venue and it definitely is in great hands.


Hi friends!


Thank you so much for supporting this album funding campaign.  With your generosity and support, the goal was not only reached, it was surpassed!

Through this process, and through your lovely support and encouragement, you have enabled me to continue with my life passion. 

As a kid, like many kids, I know I lived more seamlessly by my passions, and I just did what made me feel close to myself.  There seems to be points, as I grow older, where there is motivation to let go of these passions, casting them away as childhood dreams and believing it is somehow expected to do so in order to mature into a responsible human being.  Through this funding campaign, your support and encouragement have completely reinforced my decision to continue this pursuit and practise with music.  When one does follow their passions as they age, some people call it ‘following their dreams’, but it may be more of a case of honouring the passions that we were lucky enough to be possessed with in the first place.  This wonderful experience you have imparted on me has inspired me to remind you that your passions are still within you, and if you’re still practising them, congratulations!  If you’re not, reactivate them – let them shine, bring vigour into your life, and give your heart a purposeful, fulfilled pulse.  That’s what you have done for me, it feels great, and I’m very honoured to have you as such encouraging and supportive friends.

The recording process is well under way, with some final recording to be done by April.  Following this, there will be mixing, mastering, and manufacturing of the album, so the release should be in late spring.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on timing. 

I have the great pleasure of working with my friend Aaron Comeau, who is producing the album and also playing many instruments on it.  It’s fascinating just watching Aaron work – his skill, dedication, and wisdom are unmatched.  I’m very lucky and honoured to be working with such a wizard.


Thank you so much for coming on this wild ride with me – more updates to follow!



First Album Fundraiser!

January 22, 2013

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I’m thrilled to let you know I’m recording my 1st full-length album and I need YOUR help to make this happen. 

Thank you for your support on this adventure.

Please contribute at

A passion born:  Music has been pumping through my veins even before I was born – my mom went into labour while playing the drums at a gig with my dad, and I’ve been playing music ever since.  The past year has held much excitement, including a dream performance at Mariposa Folk Festival, numerous performances in Ontario, and shows in France and Germany.  

Help support:  Thank you to all the great people who have, and continue to, support me along the way – you keep me inspired .  This recording project will enable me to continue to share my music with YOU and further develop this passion.  Every level of contribution (please see ‘contribute’ on right) comes with rewards.  Your contribution will help cover the over $8,000 of total costs (recording, producer, musician fees, mixing, mastering, design/manufacturing).  A huge thank you to my amazing brother Casey for being the first to pledge in the amount of $1,000.00!

Share!  Please share this page ( with your family and friends!  ‘Like’ it on facebook, ‘Tweet’ it on Twitter, and ‘WORD’ it with your mouth!  Facebook and Twitter links are on the page.

Levels of contribution:

$25 or more – you receive a signed advance copy of the album – your name will appear in the liner notes of the album

$40 or more – you receive admittance to the CD launch event, a signed advance copy of the album – your name will appear in the liner notes of the album

$275 or more – you receive an intimate house concert for you and your friends, admittance to the CD launch event, a signed advance copy of the album – your name will appear in the liner notes of the album  *travel expenses may apply outside of Toronto area

*payments can be made online by credit card or Paypal, or in-person by cash/cheque by contacting me at

Any funds exceeding the goal will be leveraged for the launch event.


Goodnight, Europe

November 14, 2012

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A big thank you to everyone who came out to my shows in Europe.

Each one was a magical and enchanting experience.

More music and stories for the next time I’m over, in whatever language fits.



European Dates

October 16, 2012

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My first time overseas, and I’ll be playing in Paris and Munich starting Nov 1.

Check out Live Dates for dates and locations.

It all starts with a little subterranean theatre that is actually built under a staircase, mon dieu!