The Band: Elliott Landy’s Mystic Images To Be Revealed

December 15, 2013

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One of the greatest pleasures of my life was spending an afternoon with legendary photographer Elliott Landy in Woodstock, NY in July, 2005.

Elliott Landy is the man behind some of the most important, recognizable, and magnetizing images in music history – The Band, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and the list goes on and on.

Some of his best work was shot in and around the little town of Woodstock, NY in the late 1960s, with the absolute beauty of the Catskill landscapes serving as backdrop.  Elliott’s ability to capture his subjects in such a relaxed and natural state, with very limited ‘staging’, is part of what makes his work so captivating.

At a time when The Band’s (yet to be labelled as such) and their friend and leader, world-worn Bob Dylan’s sudden reclusiveness unleashed a severe hunger in the vast public to gain even a glimpse into their great mystery, Elliott’s inside eye would soon speak volumes.  A tidal wave of anticipation came crashing down as Music From Big Pink was released, with an image of five mysterious mountain men gracing its inner jacket.  Musicians’ jaws dropped.  One of the most significant and prolific times in music history was marked. 

The majority of Elliott’s work with The Band has never been released, but recently Elliott has decided he will be making a new book with a selection of his best never-seen-before images.

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This is a great day for fans of The Band and music in general – thank you Elliott!