Fundraising Goal Reached and Surpassed – Thank You!

February 19, 2013

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Hi friends!


Thank you so much for supporting this album funding campaign.  With your generosity and support, the goal was not only reached, it was surpassed!

Through this process, and through your lovely support and encouragement, you have enabled me to continue with my life passion. 

As a kid, like many kids, I know I lived more seamlessly by my passions, and I just did what made me feel close to myself.  There seems to be points, as I grow older, where there is motivation to let go of these passions, casting them away as childhood dreams and believing it is somehow expected to do so in order to mature into a responsible human being.  Through this funding campaign, your support and encouragement have completely reinforced my decision to continue this pursuit and practise with music.  When one does follow their passions as they age, some people call it ‘following their dreams’, but it may be more of a case of honouring the passions that we were lucky enough to be possessed with in the first place.  This wonderful experience you have imparted on me has inspired me to remind you that your passions are still within you, and if you’re still practising them, congratulations!  If you’re not, reactivate them – let them shine, bring vigour into your life, and give your heart a purposeful, fulfilled pulse.  That’s what you have done for me, it feels great, and I’m very honoured to have you as such encouraging and supportive friends.

The recording process is well under way, with some final recording to be done by April.  Following this, there will be mixing, mastering, and manufacturing of the album, so the release should be in late spring.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on timing. 

I have the great pleasure of working with my friend Aaron Comeau, who is producing the album and also playing many instruments on it.  It’s fascinating just watching Aaron work – his skill, dedication, and wisdom are unmatched.  I’m very lucky and honoured to be working with such a wizard.


Thank you so much for coming on this wild ride with me – more updates to follow!