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Grady Kelneck - photo by Emma-Lee Photography

Grady Kelneck - photo by Emma-Lee Photography


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Grady Kelneck – Take My Hand

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Grady Kelneck was almost born on the stage when his musician mother rushed from a gig to the hospital in labour. Brought up in a show biz family, Grady spent his childhood and adolescence playing in a band with his mother, father, and brother. One of his earliest musical memories is singing in front of 20,000 people for Toronto’s 150th birthday at City Hall. His grandfather, Henry Kelneck, is a musical legend in the Ontario north;  Stompin’ Tom Connors even penned a song inspired by him.

Over the years, Grady has played in a number of musical outfits, playing multiple instruments, and adding vocals, and songwriting to the projects. As a founding member of indie rockers, The Parkas, dues were paid in cross-Canada tours, sharing the stage with acts such as Hot Hot HeatThe Dears, and The Constantines. The Parkas also performed at Toronto’s Canadian Music Week and NXNE, with the band winning the Steve’s Music Emerging Artist Award.

The musical journey continues, with a new found clarity driven by an undying passion.  Take My Hand,  a thirteen-song album recorded by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club (Luke DoucetTimber TimbreThe Wooden Sky) and produced by Aaron Comeau (Dear SisterAnimal Parts), is the latest effort, a sacred delivery of secular portions.  From matters of delusional daydreams of pies in the sky to the wicked harshness of the cold ground, a raw and straightforward vocal carries throughout.  Moods shift from the stripped-down roots of “I’ll Shoot You Down” to the more upbeat hooks of country-folk numbers like “Colorado”.  Inspired by a love for songwriters such as Townes Van ZandtJohn Prine and Jesse Winchester who meld beauty with wit, Grady’s acoustic guitar and voice are conduits for traditional and folk musings, creating his own works on topics as wide ranging as death and vegetables.

The musical stage is where it began, and continues to be.


GradyMuskokaPress“Grady Kelneck’s soothing guitar strums and melodic voice are like a warm memory from the past, when long summer days never ended and homemade lemonade was served on ice. He sings with an understated elegance that is at once melancholy and joyous. His hushed tones and gentle mannerisms with his guitar are sheer magic.”
- Anita Kovacevic, Isabella’s Café, March 2011

“The music is gorgeous and I love it.”
- Elliott Landy, www.landyvision.com, February 2009

“There is a clarity in Grady’s voice and songwriting that rings true. He has that unique sound that takes willing listeners on his imaginative journey and surprises us at every turn – and brings us home safely, and a bit wiser.”
- David Bradstreet, producer, November 2011